Yocto BSP Fast Porting Guide and SD card image.

If you simply want a working image to run on the AR6MXCS board, please download the sdcard image form this link: Yocto-Image-AR6MXCS

  • You can use USB Image Tool to restore the image:
  • http://www.bcmcom.com/CustomerDL/AR6MX/usbit.zip

    If you wish to build the Yocto project yourself, please follow the below steps:

    1.       Download the Freescale Yocto Project User Guide



    2.       Follow the Freescale Yocto Project User Guide for Host setup and Repo setup.

    3.       Once you have all source downloaded from the Freescale Repo, please start to include the BCM BSP in the “meta-fsl-arm-extra” layer. 

    4.       Download the BCM BSP files from the below link and extract it to path/to/yocto_3.10.53-1.0.0/source/meta-fsl-arm-extra/


    5.       Apply the Freescale patch to change the u-boot offset position.


    6.   Now go back to Yocto root directory (e.g  yocto_3.10.53-1.0.0/) and you should be able to define a new build with AR6MXCS configs.

    $MACHINE=ar6mxcs source setup-environment build-ar6mxcs

    $bitbake (image_name)

    7.   If you wish to build fsl-image-gui or fsl-image-qt5, please run the below command:

    $MACHINE=ar6mxcs source fsl-setup-release.sh -b build-ar6mxcs


    The fsl-setup-release.sh script will add all fsl layers that are needed for fsl images.

    Then go to build_ar6mxcs/conf/local.conf and add the below code to overwrite the fsl BSP:

    PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_mx6 = "u-boot-ar6mxcs"

    PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_mx6 = "linux-bcm"

    8.   You can adjust the rootfs size to utilize more space of your sdcard by adding the below 3 parameter in the file “build_ar6mxcs/conf/local.conf”.



    IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE = "3806250" (this will give you around 3.7GB of rootfs to fit in a 4GB sdcard.)

    9.    After changing the local.conf file, go back to the build directory(e.g build-ar6mxcs/), then run the bitbake command to start building the image:

    $bitbake fsl-image-qt5 (or fsl-image-gui)